Vertual is a brand of high-end hair products that integrates high quality natural ingredients with a contained and reasoned chemistry.

We are hairdressers field first. Manipulate, test, select, use and advise various products is our daily life.

For this reason, our professional product range is designed to provide its users with great efficiency and meet the maximum needs of a maximum number of people through a short range.

We use the best technology and the best assets in the design of our products that are not tested on animals.

They respect all hair types regardless of their states: namely, natural, chemically treated or oxidized naturally ...

To do this, we feel it is essential to respect the environment, the health of our customers and the hairdressers.

Our commitment and that of our laboratories:

The Vertual products are formulated without parabens and are made with the utmost respect for nature in France.
Plant assets are selected for their virtue and their effectiveness.
No unnecessary packaging.
Technology watch and perpetual innovation enrich our products over their findings for even more efficiency and environmental respect.

Vertual only develops hair care.

Gout our logo, with a wick / ear symbolizes the environmental transposed to professional ethics that we claim.

VERTUAL Ó Montpellier
VERTUAL Ó Montpellier
VERTUAL Ó Montpellier